Le Petit Coquerel Sauvignon Blanc (6)

by wootbot

Duck ... Duck ... Gooseberry!

Tonight's lesson in wine: talking Gooseberry.

We were describing this 2010 Le Petit Coquerel Sauvignon Blanc to some of our friends, and we kept getting stuck on a key part of its description: Gooseberry.

When Gooseberry is plural, how do you say it? Is it "gooseberries" or "geeseberry"? Or dare we suggest maybe it's "geeseberries"?

This turned into a heated debate, and we concluded it must be one of the three.

We turned our attention to the internet and did a brief amount of research, where we quickly discovered that it's gooseberries. Makes sense, we guess, but also it sort of feels wrong.

Why, for our entire life, would people tell us it's geese not goose if that doesn't apply to the berries as well? See: IT MAKES NO SENSE.

But that's what the man's telling us, and who are we to disagree with the man? So we guess we'll just accept it and move on and distract ourselves with this 2010 Le Petit Coquerel Sauvignon Blanc, and all of its ... gooseberries.