Lattanzio Marsanne/Roussanne Blend (4)

by wootbot

Two Great -sannes That -sanne Great Together

-sannes of the world, unite!

It just makes so much sense. The nutty, spicy character of one perfectly complementing the floral, fruity notes of the other. They even share half of their names. This is why Marsanne and Roussanne are so often blended in their native Rh​ône region, and why they unite to such pleasant effect here.

Also, the winemaker made it for his mom. That's who Laura is. You wouldn't make a crappy wine in honor of your mom, would you? Well, you might if you don't really know what you're doing. But Justin Lattanzio has been at this for a while, and he worked under the famed Heidi Barrett before starting his own thing. Ma Laura has nothing to worry about.