La Dive Cotes du Rhone Red Wine (4)

by wootbot

Dive and In Person

Before you take a drink, make sure you know the difference between La Dive ("la deev") and a dive ("a dive").

La Dive: gets its deep red color from a meticulous selection of Côtes du Rhône appellation cuvées

A dive: gets its deep red stains from this one night when a dispute over a defective drum sander got out of hand.

La Dive: exudes aromas of plum and spice.

A dive: exudes aromas of urinal cake, if you're lucky.

La Dive: unique character created by a diversity of terroirs.

A dive: unique character created by a diversity of untreated psychological disorders.

La Dive: an excellent choice for the wine connoisseur on a budget.

A dive: an excellent choice for the future liver transplant recipient on a budget.