La Cueva Spanish Grenache (4)

by wootbot

Great (on either side of the) Pyrenees

Some say Grenache. Some say Garnacha. Let's call the whole thing delicious.

Spain. The South of France. Both hot. Both dry. Both widely planted with a popular grape that flourishes under those conditions. On one side of the border, it's called Grenache. On the side of the border where this La Cueva example is grown and crafted, it's called Garnacha.

In the hands of brilliant Artiga winemaker Pamela Geddes, Garnacha's typical rich, spicy character is in full flower, with berry and pepper notes as bold as its deep red color. Served with all things roasted, aged, cured, and spicy, it goes down both muy bueno and tres bien. Call it Garnacha, call it Grenache, call it whatever: this luscious red speaks the universal language of mmmmmm.