Kunde Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (2)

by wootbot

Stone Cold

Wine that (is made from grapes that grow in the) rocks!

You don't sink roots in the rocky soil of the windswept cliffs high above the Kunde Family Estate by accident. You've got to want it. Other vines loll in rich, comfy loam in gently rolling vineyards. They'll never know what it's like to grow up caught between the hostile gusts and the cruel stone, to struggle all their lives just to produce a few bunches of small, hardy grapes.

And they'll never know the glory of the Kunde Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. This is the kind of dense, concentrated power that can only be honed through months of grueling battle against a harsh, indifferent world. A rich perfume of blackberries, spice, and olives sharpens into flavors of cherry, cassis, and dark chocolate. Plush becomes chewy becomes silky, every one redolent of an indomitable will to survive. The Kunde Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon's dynamic character doesn't come easily - but what worthwhile ever does?