Keller Estate Casa de la Cruz Pinot (4)

by wootbot

No Whinin' When We've Got Wine!

Don't have time to take a cruise? Take a Case de la Cruz cruise!

Not everyone's got the time to go out to sea for weeks at a time. We don't, that's for sure. But we do have time to sit down to a bottle of this Keller Estate Case de la Cruz Pinot Noir.

Really, it's just as great as a cruise. While everyone else is out to sea, enjoying the sun, going for swims at the pristine beaches of the world, we're at home in our living room, enjoying the bright raspberry, cherry, and Santa Rosa plum flavors of the wine.

That's all we need. It more than makes up for the fact that we're spending all of our days at work and all of our nights with nothing to do because all of our friends are on awesome vacations, and we're stuck at home watching reruns of Macgyver and eating leftover meatballs while getting emailed pictures of the dolphins that our friend are swimming with and the whales that they just spotted. Yes. That's right. All we need is this wine. We're doing just fine sitting at home. As long as we've got this wine, that's all we need. ALL WE NEED.