Judd's Hill Central Coast Pinot Noir (4)

by wootbot

Celebrity Endorsement's the Way to Go

A wine that captures the majesty of Judd Apatow movies.

Before you purchase this Judd's Hill Central Coast Pinot Noir 4-Pack, just know that each bottle will take your palate on a mad-cap journey of bromance, pot smoke, and refusal to grow up even in the face of overwhelming responsibility and pressure to become slightly mature.

Intense black cherry aromas will rumble across your nose like a gruff Seth Rogen soliloquy punctuated by his trademark stoner laugh. The spicy bouquet will pepper your tongue like the gross and gratuitous profanity peppered in every scene! The lush mouth feel and bright flavors of quince and tart cherries will be just like, uh, Danny McBride saying a bunch of really crude stuff.

You'll love it!