JCB by Boisset Cremant de Bourgogne (4)

by wootbot

Numbers never lie. Except when they do!

Each JCB wine is named after a number possessing deep significance for Jean-Charles Boisset. We like that. We've been thinking about how we'd like to see more products named after special numbers.

  • The 48 Latte, whose name describes how many minutes you can expect to spend on the toilet after consumption.
  • The #25 Melted Butter Crop Duster, so named because it's only permitted in 25 United States.
  • The No. 3 Margarita, dubbed because after tres, you'll send an email you'll wish you hadn't.
  • The #13 Ford Focus, named after the number of recall notices you can expect to receive.
  • No. 1: A grapefruit spoon. Named after the number of uses you'll get out of it before throwing it in the back of a drawer.
  • #7: Bridal Gown. Number is significant because that's how many years you'll spend repressing your remorse before you finally explode.
  • 385 Pineapple Trebuchet. Named after the cost (in US dollars) of the windshield you'll have to replace.
  • 2002 Underwear. Named for the year of its purchase ... and still goin' strong!