Jamieson Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon Duo

by wootbot

Best if enjoyed by ... mouth.


What will I get with this Jamieson Ranch Cab Sauv duo?

You'll get two kinds of Jamieson Ranch Cab Sauv.


I like coffee beans on the nose. What kind should I drink?

You should go for the 2010 Coombsville.


I like coffee beans up my nose. What kind should I drink?

We cannot help you.


Barrels are the most important things to me in the whole wide world. Do you have any recommendations?

Please enjoy the 2011 Double Lariat and consider reevaluating your priorities.


Are you sure you're spelling the name properly?

Consult the label, smartypants.


What do you recommend pairing this with?

We suggest a glass or a tumbler of some kind.


What does this not pair well with?