J. Ludlow Cabernet Sauvignon (3)

by wootbot


Nobody knows what the "J" stands for. And there's no way of finding out. It shall forever remain a mystery. WE SAID IT SHALL REMAIN A MYSTERY.

Sure, one could easily go to the J Ludlow website and solve the riddle in a matter of minutes. But then WE would have to come up with a carefully crafted writeup containing research and dialogue.

INSTEAD: A list of things the J might stand for:

Jeremy Ludlow

Jebediah Ludlow

Jasmine Ludlow

Jentle Ludlow

Just Ludlow

JarJar Ludlow

Juice Ludlow

J-Lo Ludlow

Jorts Ludlow

Jethro Ludlow

Jaws Ludlow

Jamiroquai Ludlow

Jim Morrison Ludlow

Jeep Ludlow

Jterodactyl Ludlow

Janky Ludlow

Jeffrey Ludlow

Judgmental Ludlow

Jigglypuff Ludlow

Juddlow Ludlow