J. Dusi Paso Robles Pinot Grigio (6)

by wootbot

Hallucinate Responsibly

There are a few things you should know about this wine.

First of all, it is delicious and refreshing. On the nose it is a summer bouquet of freesia.

Secondly, it is perfectly normal to experience a hint of wildflowers popping up when you swirl the wine around in the glass. Figuratively speaking, of course. What is NOT normal is perceiving that an actual bouquet of wildflowers has suddenly sprouted from your glass.

If this does occur, it is possible that either A) You have had way too much or B) Someone has put something in your drink (and I'm not talkin' tulip bulbs, here.)

If at any point you suspect that someone has spiked your drink, please do the following:

1. Put down your glass.
2. Seek medical attention immediately.
3. Tell them you think someone slipped you a mickey.
4. Stop using the word "mickey." You sound like you're 80.
5. If you are, in fact, 80 years old, disregard #4.

Otherwise, please continue to enjoy responsibly the fresh and delightful palate of honeydew melon, pear and passion fruit, especially with seafood pasta, quiche or antipasti.