Iron Horse Vineyards Brut Rosé (2)

by wootbot

We've Already Written Ten Chapters

Sparkling Iron Horse? Sounds like a great way to begin a sci-fi story. Or a celebration. But mostly a sci-fi story.

The year was 2199. The digital cowboy looked down upon the Pacific Complex that sprawled up the West Coast. The sunlight sparkled off the steel buildings, in the same way it glittered off his Iron Horse.

Naturally, this story has nothing at all to do with the 2007 Brut Rosé. And why? Because you already know everything there is to know about this Brut Rosé. Seriously, you do. It's fruity, almost creamy, one of the most vivid of the sparkling wines that Iron Horse offers. So what else could we say beyond that?

And, anyway, when you finally read our upcoming sci-fi novel, The Adventures Of DigiCow9, Warrior Of Galaxy West, you'll absolutely want to raise a toast to our genius. Should we give you a little more?

Down the hill, the digital cowboy lowered himself, his Iron Horse watching the radar beacon to make sure no V.O.L.E. fighters were nearby. Soon, the sun would be setting, and if they weren't inside the PacCom HQ before then, the nuclear vampires would descend...