Iron Horse UnOaked Chardonnay (3)

by wootbot

NBC: Nothing But Chardonnay

Taste the good flavor, not the wood flavor.

We say Chardonnay, you say oak. But Iron Horse doesn't. Thanks to its stainless steel fermentation, their 2010 UnOaked Chardonnay tastes of nothing but the grape's crisp, mineral green apple and mandarin orange flavors.

Iron Horse's aromatic, exotic 2010 UnOaked Chardonnay stomps the convetional wisdom about Chardonnays into a runny, pulpy mush. In their cold steel hands, the only thing "Chardonnay" and "cliche" have in common is that they rhyme. And the only tree that comes anywhere near this Chard is the roasted poultry you'll be pairing with it.