Iron Horse Chinese Cuvee (1)

by wootbot


Never mind who actually made it. I think we can all agree it's delicious.

I have to tell you, as soon as I saw that this was a Chinese cuvee, I thought, "Definitely in for one." Because if this wine is anything like those delicious little crab rangoons invented by the Chinese, then it HAS to be amazing.

Wait. What do you mean that crab rangoon isn't really a Chinese invention? Well, fried wontons then. Get 'em with a little pork inside and mmm ... really? No way! They're not really Chinese, either?

OK then fine! Fortune cookies! You can't say anything bad about those. Just think of a little table set out with fortune cookies and a couple bottles of this Chinese cuvee to ring in the New Year! The Chinese New Year, of course.

No. No no no. You just shut your mouth right now. I won't hear one bad word about my beloved fortune cookies. I expect more from someone born in the year of the horse.