Introducing Wine.Woot: Out Of Beta And Down Your Throat

by Jason Toon

You’re here, so we realize you’re probably already aware of the quiet, down-low existence of We’d been calling this site “beta” while we tried to iron out any bugs and decide if we were thinking clearly when we came up with the idea. Well, consider the bugs squished and our sanity confirmed, because we’re ready to make an honest web site out of it.

Last week, Wine.Woot made its official, non-beta debut, and now we’re back with another annoyingly-random weekly offering of premium, artisan-crafted wine. To celebrate, FREE SHIPPING is available for existing Woot members on all orders this week! Just enter the following coupon code when you’re placing your order.

Coupon Code: BONVOYAGE

If you’ve got a Woot account, you’re already a member of Wine.Woot – just use the same username and password here. You’ll find the same familiar, friendly forums over here, to discuss the week’s wine sale. We’re usually joined by someone from the winery, so you can go right to the source with any questions. And to celebrate the launch, we’ve instituted a new gifting program. We’ll send wine anywhere we can (a few states don’t allow wine shipments) to anyone you want (as long as they’re over 21), along with a gift card. We also have to email the recipient to let them know the gift is on the way, so don’t kill us for letting out your secret. More gifting info is available on the front page. Welcome to the family, Wine.Woot! Long may you flow!