Inspiration Vineyards Fall Zinfandel (4)

by wootbot


I'm just going to say it, raspberry. You're acting like an attention-crazed child who has had too many sweets.

I get it. You're delicious. And you smell really great. Especially in balanced and full-bodied Zinfandels such as these.

But do you really need to interject yourself between every single flavor note? It's enough just to mention yourself once. For instance, this 2008 Alexander Valley Zinfandel has a nose of intense blackberries, black pepper, raspberries and coffee.

See? Subtle yet descriptive. The perfect balance of pride and humility.

But then in the 2009 Alexander Valley Zinfandel, you kind of just butt in line. Right out of the gate it's all, "Breathe in the nose of intense raspberries, cedar and black pepper, followed by rich flavors of BERRIES and coffee."

A little ungracious, don't you think? And worse, you even tried to slip yourself in a second time by using your more informal name, "berries." You're not fooling anyone, raspberry.

Even so, I have to say, I really didn't expect the shenanigans you tried to pull in the 2010 Alexander Valley Zinfandel. Just read this to yourself and tell me if you think this is becoming of a normally sophisticated fruit such as yourself.

"The 2010 vintage smells like RASPBERRIES ripe for the picking. Balanced and full-bodied with great acid to complement food, your mouth will water as you breath in a nose of intense RASPBERRIES, followed by rich flavors of RASPBERRIES, coffee and mocha."

I don't even know what to say. It's just disgraceful. And might I add, a little desperate. Really, I'm embarrassed for you. Why don't you just go back to the wine cellar and think about that for awhile.