Inspiration Dry Creek Valley Reds (3)

by wootbot

Bottled Up Inspiration

Ready to tap into your hidden talent? Maybe all you need is a little Inspiration.

"Look at this one. Isn't it such a marvelous piece?"

Mmm, yes. Quite exquisite. The brushstrokes, the attention to detail. Majestic, really.

"And the smooth fullness of the reds. The color scheme is superb."

On first appearance it seems simple, but the artist's use of multiple reds gives the work a sense of unity without lacking individuality.

"How about these blackberries? What do you imagine they symbolize?"

Excellent question, Eunice. On this side, the blackberries are richly portrayed, but on the other side they are in smaller notes, nestled in the throngs of cedar with a hint of chocolate, and is that, hmmm, I say is that black pepper sprinkled on top? It appears it is! How fascinating.

"The change of pace between the two is expected, but also somehow unexpected."

The whole piece is splendid. I wonder what the artist used for inspiration.

"Hmm, I wonder."