Houdini Wine Chilling Carafe (1)

by wootbot

Ice Wine

Unless you have magical ice powers, using this Houdini Wine Chilling Carafe is one of the easiest ways to chill your wine.

Now and then there's a person who is either a superhero or a magician, and this person has magnificent superpowers that utilize the power of ice.  

This person, when he or she wants to drink wine, simply has to touch a bottle of wine to chill it. They can transfer their ice powers to the bottle of the wine, sending an instant burst of cold into the bottle and therefore cooling the wine.

But then there's pretty much everyone else. All of us people going about our lives without the ability to chill wine with superpowers. But that's okay because while we might not have superpowers, at least we've got this Houdini Wine Chilling Carafe, and we all know Houdini was a magician, so it's basically the same as being able to use magic ourselves.