Himalayan Chef Salt & Pepper Grinders (2)

by wootbot

Like Tenzing & Edmund.

A brief tutorial on Himalayan Salt.

First and foremost, here's what's true: This isn't just any salt.

This is the most rugged of the salt business. Hardy. Resilient. This is the Tenzing Norgay of salt. It's here to guide you to the summit of seasonings.

We hear you protest: "But it's pink."

For shame.

You think when Tenzing saved Edmund Hillary from nearly falling into a deadly crevasse he was like, "It's too bad our salt is a bit pink, because pink is vaguely associated with feminine qualities and I'm here doing something considered basically masculine, particularly because it's 1953 and that's just the nature of gender roles these days?"

No. He was not.

"I don't know," you continue to quibble, "It's a little fancy for my simple home cooking."

Why are you so reluctant to embrace your greatness? Do you think Tenzing told Queen Elizabeth II, "Oh, I don't know … that Coronation Medal seems awfully fancy for my simple rock climbing." No! He probably thought, "Why the crap are they giving Edmund Hillary a knighthood and not me?"

So really, the question you should be asking is, "Where is my knighthood?"

Also, there's pepper!