Hendry Vineyard Cabernet ½ Bottles (6)

by wootbot


Don't think of it as less wine. Think of it as more opportunities to help the Earth!

You know the old saying, sometimes less is more? Well, I think we can all agree that when you're talking about silky, surprisingly rich wine, one that's pretty, dark and supple, that's a load of B.S.

When it comes to plummy, deep, dark fruit aromas and flavors of berry, currant and cocoa, more is always more in my book. Call me greedy. But if given the choice between a little bit of Cabernet that smells like mint, eucalyptus and cedary oak and a lot of it, I'll take a lot.

Some people believe that sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. And I suppose that's the reason they came up with the half bottle concept. I don't get it myself. But I've always been one to find the good in everything. So the way I'm going to look at it is, every time I finish one of these half bottles (which is pretty often) I will recycle it. That glorious clink of glass on glass is a tip of the hat to Mother Nature. And hey, we owe it to the sassy old broad, don't you think?