Hendry Vineyard Cabernet ½ Bottles

by wootbot

Depends On How You Look At It

So, are you a glass half full or a bottle half the size type of guy?

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the world's biggest optimist. I'm more of what you'd call a realist. Okay, fine. I'm a pessimist. So when I first laid eyes on these teensy weensy bottles of Hendry Vineyard Napa Valley Cabernet I thought, "I have had like THE worst day at work and knowing my luck I'm going to get hit by a bus tomorrow and it'll all be over for me and THIS is the best you can do, universe? HALF a bottle of wine? On my LAST DAY ON EARTH?!" Thanks. Thanks a lot.

But you know, then I got to thinking. And I thought, "Hey, if this is really going to be my last day on Earth, I should be grateful that the gods have bestowed upon me any amount of plummy, deep, dark fruit aromas and flavors of berry/currant and cocoa, be it plentiful or not. Seriously. If the last thing I have to drink before I head off to that big vineyard in the sky is a wine with well-integrated oak and structured, fine-grained tannins, I'd say I'm a pretty lucky guy.

So from now on, whenever I crack open one of these bottles and pour it out, I'm going to look at it as the perfect amount to make my glass half full. Granted, a glass all the way full would be better, but who's counting?