Hendry Mixed Red 1/2 Bottles (6)

by wootbot

That Line About The Wine

Even in the realm of fantasy, Hendry wine makes an appearance.

You know that movie that came out a few years ago with those wizards, dwarves, swords, orcs and whatnot, where they all got together and went on a quest? You might remember that part where that giant scary orc shouts out "Find the halfling!" to the rest of his orc army? Well, we've got word from certain people that that's not what he's saying. Seriously! He's actually saying "Find the half-bottle!"

You see, that orc just tasted Hendry Red wine and he looooovvvvved the stuff. Couldn't get enough. That complex aroma of cherries, berries, plums, leather, and spice that are in the 2009 Hendry Pinot Noir hit his nose, and he couldn't handle not having his own bottle.

As if that wasn't bad enough, he then tried the 2009 Hendry Block 28 Zinfandel! Let me tell ya, you think the guy looks mean in the movie? You should've seen how angry he got when he realized he drank his entire supply in one sip. Boy howdy!

It's actually a shame that that one mysterious ranger-turned-king human killed him. If only the man knew that all that orc wanted was a simple bottle of wine, maybe things would've gone a little better for him..

Anyway, if that orc loved this wine so much, you can trust that you will too. Don't believe us? watch the movie again, and tell us he's not full of passion when he yells out "Find the half-bottle!"