Harvest Song All Natural Artisan Preserves

by wootbot

Pectin? More like PectOUT!

Don't be all jelly!

“Mom, why is dad ignoring me?”

“Tasha my darling, please tell our boy that I’m not ignoring him, I simply don’t know how to respond to requests for something we don’t have.”

“Wait. It really seems like you’re ignoring him if you’re asking me to tell him things. We’re all at the same dinner table.”

“Whatever. The point is we don’t have any jelly.”

“But it’s right there.”

“No, that’s a jar of Harvest Song All-Natural Artisan Preserves.”

“It looks like jelly to me.”

“Well it’s not. Does jelly come in flavors like Peach, Wild Strawberry, Quince, and Sour Cherry?”

“I would say yes, since I’m staring at a jar of each.”

“No! Come on, I raised you better than that! Jelly is made with just fruit juice and pectin and loads of sugar! Preserves are made from the fruit itself and contain fruit pieces suspended in a syrup base!”



“I’m six.”


“So it’s all jelly to me.”