Harvest Moon Late Harvest Zinfandel (4)

by wootbot

Moon Flight

Okay, TECHNICALLY two two-packs isn't a flight. But c'mon. Let us have a little poetry in our descriptions.

Truth = beauty. Beauty = truth. At least, that's the excuse we're giving for making "flight" jokes about these Harvest Moon Late Harvest Zinfandel bottles. Because otherwise, we'd have to answer some hard questions about truth in advertising.

Like, if we write a haiku like "two thousand and nine/also two thousand and eight/pass the moon, the flight" then we're golden, right? Because there flight and moon are clearly representative of a poetic image and have nothing to do with wine. And poetry is subjective, unlike the delicious taste of dusty spiced fruit, dark cocoa coffee aromas, and an explosion of juicy and bright raspberry.

But imagine we suddenly say "this 2008/2009 flight from Harvest Moon" instead. See, that's concrete. Next thing you know, we're in court, standing in front of a judge, trying to explain how a four pack of 2008 and 2009 wines is sort of a kind of flight, maybe, you know, if you stretch the definition. And that won't ever fly. We'll be in jail faster than you can say "good for a decade of cellaring" and we aren't going to jail! Not over a wine writeup, no sir!

So please, remember: these are four bottles, two from one year, two from the next. And if YOU think that's a kind of flight, that's YOUR opinion! All we're doing is trying to spread poetry to the world. And if that's a crime, throw us in prison!

Except not really. We're too pretty.