Hand-Painted Ceramic Coaster Set

by Wootbot

Yeah, THAT Part

So you’re having a cocktail party, and you put on some Billy Joel.

Nice, inoffensive, everybody knows it, everybody’s singing and laughing and talking about memories, the time they did that, the first time they heard this… and then Captain Jack comes on.

At first, nobody really thinks much of it. It’s got that lovely piano intro and the pretty tune and the easy to sing chorus. Maybe somebody makes a joke about switching to whiskey. And that’s when you realize that you accidentally put in the long version. You know, the one that has that part in it.

And sure enough… Billy Joel sings it. Suddenly, the party goes quiet. Everyone’s looking at each other awkwardly. A couple of people go for their coats. Your best friend yells “Prudes!” and you have to calm him down. Your maiden aunt looks a little faint. The party’s ruined. Unless…

On a whim, you bring out your Hand-Painted Ceramic Coaster Set. One or two of your guests set down their drinks. Someone remarks how nice each coaster is. You say they were inspired by the beautiful grapevines of the world. Someone mentions the grapevines in France. Your maiden aunt perks up and says she’s always wanted to go to France. You mention the Louvre and the topic changes. And, in silence, you change the music to later-period Elton John.

The Hand-Painted Ceramic Coaster Set. Without it, your party may be doomed.

Sophia's Vineyard Coaster Set
  • This hand-painted ceramic coaster set is perfect for entertaining and gift-giving
  • Inspired by the beautiful grapevines of the world, handpainted and illustrated by artist Carol Fountain Nix
  • (4) 4-inch Square hand-painted ceramic coasters
  • Gift boxed

In the box:

  • (1) Sophia's Vineyard Hand-Painted Ceramic Coasters, Set of 4