Geyser Peak Winery Petite Sirah (3)

by wootbot

Y Before R, Except After Petite

Buy enough of this Petite Sirah, and maybe, just maybe, it'll earn its Y.

When a Petite Sirah is born, it is but a young grape. Still small, still not quite one with its Syrah brethren. You see, before a Petite Sirah can have the widefound respect of being a Syrah, it must be sold a certain number of times. We think.

Like this 2009 Geyser Peak Petite Sirah. Even in its 3+ years of life, it has yet to have earned its Y, which is a shame because with a dense palate of blueberry and luscious black fruits that blend with olive and dark chocolate, you'd think that's all it needs to be a Syrah.

But that would not be. The people in charge of wine naming made a decision that a Petite Sirah is different and must be marked so with an I. Why it must go through the misery of using an I is beyond us, but we hope that by selling enough of this, things will change.

And then, just then, it will earn its Y.

(We like to think it works that way, at least, and we want to sell this stuff, so we're going to stick with that story.)