Geyser Peak Summer Whites (6)

by wootbot

Best Before Labor Day

A pail of shades of white.

The second-best answer to the question "Do you like white wine?" is "Be more specific." This six-pack of three Geyser Peak Summer Whites illustrates why.

The bright, pure elegance of the 2012 Pinot Grigio bears little resemblance to the soft, oaky floral and pastry complexity of the 2012 Water Bend Chardonnay, and neither is much like the fresh and fruity 2012 Uncensored White Blend. Just about the only thing these three whites have in common, aside from their color, is Geyser Peak's legacy of award-winning, pioneering winemaking since 1880.

But what's the best answer to the question "Do you like white wine?" This Geyser Peak six-pack illustrates that one, too: "Yes."