Geyser Peak Reserve Meritage 3.0L

by wootbot

God Save The Wine

I'll take this over a spot of tea any day.

Refined. Intense. Sort of like a British Royal who also flies helicopters. Not that we're naming names or anything. Wouldn't be cricket, old boy.

But there's something about the aristocracy, something that make us love them. We kicked them out in 1776, but we still love them. And so when we hear about a guy who was born to lead a country and ALSO decided to serve it in combat… well, it's hard not to like a fella like that.

In a similar way, it's hard not to like these Reserve Alexandre Meritage 3-liters. They're lordly, with flavors like black cherry and dried flower aromas. But they're also intense, with hits of tobacco and cedar. The kind of wine that would know how to rate the finest silk, but also be willing to take you on in a wrestling match in the mud behind the barracks.

Kinda like that royal fellow, eh, wot? Do you think he says "eh, wot?" when talking to people? Do you think he's ever visited our site? Golly, we'd just be all a-fluffle to think about him reading this. Nervous as a kitten. Tee hee hee!