Geyser Peak Reserve Cabernet (2)

by wootbot

The Climb

This is the perfect wine to celebrate a momentous achievement of stupidity or otherwise.

"Whatcha … whatcha up to there, Charlie?"

I'm prepping for my climb. I'm going to be the first person in history to reach the peak of that geyser.

"Um … so I don't think that's the best idea."

I know I might not make it to the top. But it's something that I just have to do. And if I do make it, I'm going to pop open this bottle of Geyser Peak Cabernet to celebrate.

"Do you really need all the climbing gear? That hill is, like, MAYBE three feet high."

Make fun all you want. But when I'm standing up there, savoring the aroma of rich berry and cassis with notes of smoke and sweet vanilla, It'll be me having the last laugh.

"Believe me, if you're standing up there with a glass full of ripe blackberry and black cherry flavors when that geyser goes off, it will have been your last everything."

I don't follow.