Geyser Peak Kuimelis Cabernet Sauvignon (3)

by wootbot

Oh, Cabernet. Ooo la la.

Wine.Woot presents "The More you Vino:" A handy wine glossary.

Wine: A truth serum, dining companion, and occasional headache delivery system.

Cabernet Sauvignon: A French grape known for its full-bodied characteristics, aging potential, and combative temper. Prone to "Sauvignon Rage Syndrome." The best way to prevent this is by talking to your wine - especially in the presence of others, when your wine is more likely to become agitated.

Grape: A berry. Giver of wine. Contributor of the third-best Jolly Rancher flavor.

Arkoudaphobia: Fear of bears.

Mouthfeel: A descriptor for wine's texture on the tongue. Not to be confused with "eyesmell" or "butt-touch."

Palate: Correct. That's how many bottles of this wine you should buy. A pallet.

Aroma: This is the room where you drink wine.

Crepitus: The sound of two bones rubbing against each other. Gross, huh?

Drinking window: Your mouth.