Geyser Peak Alexander Valley Merlot (2)

by wootbot

The Legendary Geyser

Gather 'round, gather 'round, and let me tell you a tale.

Past the deep dark forest, and along the old caverns is a clearing in the glen where there lies a powerful geyser.

Now this geyser isn't your ordinary geyser. You see, every night at midnight, it erupts to towering heights, shooting into the sky, over many horizons.

Alongside the geyser is a tower. Climbing up the tower is a perilous adventure. There are skeletons and goblins and wraiths waiting for you, and booby traps line the corridors. After defeating the seven snakehounds that guard the door to the top, you find yourself on the roof where there is a single empty glass bottle.

If you get there before midnight, you won't have to wait long. When the geyser erupts, hold your bottle out, and then you will receive a bountiful gift. You will have just captured the finest wine, a wine rich with berry flavor: the Geyser Peak Block Collection Merlot.

"No, I'm sorry, but that doesn't make any sense."

Of course it does.

"No, Geyser Peak Merlot comes from grapes in a vineyard in Alexander Valley. It's then cold-soaked for three days prior to a seven-day fermentation period. Then it begins an aging process in French oak barrels for 20 months."

I don't think so...

"I do."

Are you sure?