Georgetown Divide Rouge (4)

by wootbot

The End

Hey! You made it! 2012 is almost behind us! Looks like you need a white that'll make you happy to see tomorrow, and 2013.

Imagine, if you will, what it's like to be a grape. You hang out, you get all full and squishy, and then, ah! Graduation! Some of your friends go to be juice, some go to be fruit, some get to stay in place and become raisins, but you? You're destined for better things. And you know it. You've got a future.

That's how it feels to be destined for a wine like this 2009 Rouge Grenache 4-Pack. And that's the feeling you might have now. You're standing on the edge of a brilliant tomorrow, we all are. 2013 is just hours away. The whole world will be different this time next year, and we can't say how, or even why. All we know is that it will be. And when we raise a glass in toast, we'll be happy, and sad, and wistful, and proud.

See? We're not so different from those grapes. Except for the part where they're bottled and shipped out for everyone to drink. But otherwise, exactly the same. Happy New Year's Eve!