Gauthier Los Chamizal Zinfandel (3)

by wootbot

A Circus Of Flavor

As a professional vine tamer for a major wine circus, I have to give respect to this Gauthier Los Chamizal Zinfandel. It's quite entertaining.

I remember the first time I stepped into a vineyard with a chair and a whip. My father said "Boy, don't let the grapes see that you're afraid. If you don't keep them in line, they'll turn on you."

I've been extra careful ever since that day, and always left the vineyard in one piece. That's why I can respect the hard work that went into the 2001 Los Chamizal Sonoma Valley Zinfandel 3-Pack. Much like a lion can be made to ride a bicycle, so too have these grapes been coaxed into balanced flavors of bramble berry, cherry pie and licorice, with a hint of clove and white pepper across the top.

If I were a stronger man, I'd try to mix this wine with a delicious Osso Bucco. Sadly, I was rampaged by an angry Port during a demonstration in Moscow last year. The doctor said I can never wine tame again. However it's still okay for me to be shot out of a cannon into a car full of clowns. Good thing I got my degree, right? Never hurts to have a fall-back.