G. Debbas Wine-Filled Chocolates (6)

by wootbot

Gushing With Wine

I vant to suck your wine-filled chocolates.

We've been there too. We were sitting around the house thinking to ourselves, "I really want something sweet. What do I want that's sweet? What did I used to eat when I wanted something sweet? No, not cookies. No, not ice cream. No, not cake. Oh! Right: GUSHERS!"

But then you feel guilty. The kids are sitting next to you, and you want to buy Gushers, but you know the kids'll then want some and that means less Gushers for you. Oh, what to do?

Answer: G. Debbas Wine-Filled Chocolates.

They're like adult Gushers! On the outside, they're a simple chocolate candy, but then you bite in, and a river of liquid rushes into your mouth. But this isn't just any liquid: it's wine! Your kids can't have 'em because that's illegal, and you can still get that Gusher-like experience you desire. It's wonderful.