Forenzo Vineyards Mixed (6)

by wootbot

Another hilarious misunderstanding.

Sgt. Boxpeppers: Pretty ugly scene here, Shermung. Hope you and your team can help.

Shermung: No worries, Sarge. Our crack team of experts will make sense of this crime and help you coppers find the culprit! Now, please step back and let science light the way!


Sgt. Boxpeppers: What are you doing, Shermung? Why are you pouring pinot noir all over the body?

Shermung: Uh DUH, I'm performing some basic Forenzo sciences, obviously, Sarge. Psh, laypeople.

Sgt Boxpeppers: That's not -

Shermung: Look, I know how Johnny Law likes to have control over stuff, but we've got this part handled. We're looking for prints right now.

Sgt. Boxpeppers: You're just passing around that bottle of chardonnay and drinking from it.


Sgt. Boxpeppers: Shermung, I swear -

Jug Wartson: Hey, Mr. Shermung?

Shermung: Hello Wartson. Sergeant Boxpeppers, this is Jug Wartson, our assistant technician. What is it, Wartson? Did you find a scientific clue?

Wartson: No, I uh … I had too much Forenzo science and got sick all over the floor.

Sgt. Boxpeppers: You're all under arrest.