Fleuron Chardonnay by Captûre Wines (4)

by wootbot

“Generous Mouth”

A wine with a mouth more generous than Julia Roberts’.

The 2010 Fleuron Chardonnay has a lot of great characteristic, but main thing you’ll notice is its generous mouth. Mouth generosity is one of the most important features of a wine, and a generous one can be hard to come by. Getting a wine with a stingy mouth can cause a whole heap of problems, but don’t worry, the mouth on this one is highly generous. Now, not everyone thinks that wines should have a generous mouth. But they’re wrong; it’s important that your wine have a generous mouth. Others think that people talk about the mouth generosity simply because they like seeing the phrase “generous mouth” as much as possible. “We get it,” they say, “‘generous mouth,’ ha ha, now cut it out.” But they bring up a good point about a generous mouth; namely, that it’s a phrase that actually exists. In fact, all wines can be put into two categories:

-Those with a generous mouth
-Those without a generous mouth

As discussed earlier, you’re going to want to go with one in the “generous mouth” category. Anyway, we hope this discussion about mouth generosity has been helpful, and we’d like to leave you with one final thought: generous mouth.