Fess Parker Viognier (4)

by wootbot

The Seven-Year Swig

Fess Parker Viognier and us? Yeah, we go way back.

It was seven years ago when we first featured a Fess Parker Viognier. "You’d never guess that, not long ago, Viognier had one vinous foot in the grave," we said. "Suffice to say, Viognier made a comeback worthy of Boise State, and this Fess Parker Winery Viognier Trio is the trophy we’re all hoisting in the end zone." We guess Boise State must have won some football game in a dramatic manner. We don't really remember.

But we'd never forget the peach, honeysuckle, and lychee character of that Fess Parker Viognier. So encountering them all over again in this 2009 vintage is like meeting up with an old friend. Enjoy it now - and then, in seven years, enjoy the memories.