Fat Toad Farm Goat's Milk Caramel (3)

by wootbot


Wait, how do you even milk a toad?

OK, OK, hold on, we read that wrong. What we have here is a selection of caramel made with goat's milk from Fat Toad Farm. That makes a lot more sense. We weren't the best biology students, but picturing udders on a toad just felt wrong.

Anyway, this bundle includes two flavors of Fat Toad Farm Cajeta, the delectable delicacy beloved by sweet-tooths down Mexico way: one jar of their spicy Cinnamon Caramel sauce and a two-pack of Salted Bourbon Caramel, the hippest slightly-savory goo in town. Both varieties are made with fresh goat's milk, organic cane sugar, and other pure-n-simple ingredients. They serve sweet witness that the people at Fat Toad Farm know their way around your tongue.

They have to be talented just to stay in business. Toad farming is a tough racket.