Fabrique Délices French Inspired Pâté and Cornichons - 5 Pack

by Wootbot

When It’s Time To Pâté We Will Always Pâté Hard

Hey! You’re hosting a wine tasting, you fool! Don’t serve pizza nibbles and pretzel rods! Serve Fabrique Délices’ French Inspired Pâté and Cornichons!

For real, save the microwave cheese sticks for your Super Bowl party or something. When you’re having grown-up fun, you need some grown-up snacks. Something that goes well on crackers, baguettes, or even thin toasted bread. Oh, like the Fabrique Délices’ French Inspired Pâté and Cornichons Five Pack, perhaps! They’ve served their fine products to all sorts of great men, from President to Pope, and now they want to class up your downtrodden hovel, too. Pull a chair over that weird stain and start enjoying the high life!

The Fabrique Délices French Inspired Pâté and Cornichons Five Pack starts with two pork-free Duck Rilettes, made from shredded duck meat and spices. Then you’ve got a double dose of the Pork And Duck alternative, two jars of smooth country-style pâté made to match the authentic French recipes of old.

But the capper? The 10oz of Cornichons, the French-style Gherkins which easily pair to fine pâté. Or maybe they’ll stand alone, if that’s your thing. Hey, do what you feel, it’s a party!

Just please, hide those pizza nibbles in the back of the fridge. We all have dirty little secrets but there’s no reason to broadcast them.

Duck Rillettes, Duck Breast Pâté

  • 3.1oz
  • Pork Free
  • All Natural
  • 3-year shelf life

These shelf-stable rillettes are made with shredded duck meat, then seasoned and cooked confit-styled. Just spread on a baguette with French gherkins. This Pork-Free "All Natural" product is guaranteed free of antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, artificial ingredients and nitrites. Animals are fed with the purest natural feeds (no animal by-product). Many of the Fabrique Délices products have been served at the White House, on the Air France Concorde and even to his Holiness John Paul II.

Ingredients: Duck Breast Meat and Skin, Duck Fat, Suck Stock, Salt, Black Pepper, Onion Powder.

Pâté with Black Pepper, Pork and Duck Pâté

  • 3.1oz
  • All Natural
  • 3-year shelf life

This shelf-stable country-style pate with black pepper is made the artisanal way according to authentic French recipes. Pâté make an excellent appetizer and pair well with good mustard, French gherkins, olives and toasted bread.

Ingredients: Pork, Pork Liver, Duck Fat, Water, Duck Meat, Milk Powder, Salt, Black Pepper, Sugar, Garlic Powder, Parsley, Onion Powder.

Cornichons, French Style Gherkins

  • 10.93oz

Ingredients: Gherkins, Water, Vinegar, Pearl Onions, Salt, Spices (Yellow Mustard Seeds, Brown Mustard Seeds), Calcium Chloride (Firming Agent), Dehydrated Tarragon Leaves.

In the box:

  • (2) Fabrique Délices Duck Rillettes, Duck Breast Pâté, 3.1oz.
  • (2) Fabrique Délices Pâté with Black Pepper, Pork and Duck Pâté, 3.1oz.
  • (1) Fabrique Délices Cornichons, French Style Gherkins, 10.93oz.