Fable Napa Valley Rosé of Charbono (4)

by wootbot

Hey! Sup? Fable?

We enjoy a good story, and we especially enjoy a Fable now and then.

When we heard we were selling this Fable Napa Valley Rosé of Charbono, we couldn't help but recall many of the great wine fables.

  • The Warbler and the Golden Wine: In this tale, a warbler lays a golden bottle of wine every day. His owners, so excited about this discovery, kill the warbler, thinking there'll be more golden wine inside. They find out it's just beer. They realize they shouldn't have killed the warbler.
  • The Frogs Who Desired a Wine: A group of frogs desire a bottle of wine, so they call up to Freus on Mount Frolympus, asking for a bottle of wine. Freus grants their request, throws down a bottle, but it hits one of the frogs in the head. The frog dies.
  • The Wine that Fell into a Well: Someone is drinking wine, and after pouring a glass, this person sets the bottle on the edge of a well. The wine bottle falls in.

These are only a few of the many wine fables that have taught us valuable lessons over time. What those lessons are? We're not so sure. We were too occupied drinking this Fable Napa Valley Rosé.