Fable Charbono, Napa Valley (3)

by wootbot

Wine For All

You don't have to be Bono to drink this Charbono!

Don't worry. Seriously, it's okay. We know what you're thinking: "I REALLY want to buy and drink this 2010 Fable Charbono ... but I'm not Bono!"

Again, though: you don't have to be Bono. We don't want you to miss out on the blueberry, leather, and cinnamon on the nose just because your name's Joe or Agnes. You can still have some of this wine!

You can enjoy every mineral that's reminiscent of the lava in the vineyard ... even if you're not Bono!

You can savor its firm acidity, soft tannins, and long finish ... even if you're not Bono!

In fact, there are a lot of things you can do with this wine even if you're not Bono. It's amazing, really!

Oh, and if you ARE Bono ... wait, really? THE Bono is reading this write-up? I, well, I, wow, I've gotta sit down. I'm sorry, I'm just, I can't believe, with all of his music and, y'know, stuff he does, that he'd have time to read a simple little write-up like this one. I'm just so--oh, right. Yes, if you ARE Bono, you can drink this wine too.