EZ Pump Vacuum Wine Saver (4)

by wootbot

On air.

Oxygen: The Periodic Table's Untamed Mistress!

Air isn't just a band that hipsters love. Air is also a vital component in the evolution of wine. Without air, your wine will never reach its full flavor. But if you give your wine too much air, it'll become slovenly, rude, and un-American. The kind of wine that rides into a small town and starts trouble. And we all know how THAT ends up, don't we?

Instead, teach your wine balance the way Mr. Miagai taught Daniel to channel his rage into car washing. Buy an EZ Pump Vacuum Wine Sealer and plunge with heart and mind. The silicone and ABS plastic will make a solid cover over your wine bottle, and that'll keep the air out for days. When you come back, simply pop the tight seal and you're drinking wine again- with only the perfect amount of oxygen inside!

Don't force yourself to choose between a single drunken evening or pouring an imperfect wine for a week. Use a wine saver, or watch your wine fall into a life of sadness and despair that will probably end up with it face down at the bottom of a quarry. We've seen the movies, people. This is how it happens.