Expression 44° Roserock Pinot Noir (2)

by wootbot

Express Yourself (Through Purchasing This Wine)

What's the best parallel? Well, that's subjective. But OUR personal favorite is right along the 44° line. Sort of like this Pinot Noir, eh?

Ah, the 44° parallel north. The line that unites Oregon, New York, Nova Scotia, Bosnia, France and Italy. The line that touches two or three different -stans, a whole bunch of China, Hokkaido in Japan, and probably some ducks somewhere in the mid-Atlantic. We haven't really researched that part but we're guessing. And THAT'S why the Roserock Vineyard has decided to commemorate the magic 44° line. Probably.

Naturally we're not sure if any of these countries have candied cherries or ripe raspberries or delicate spices, but we're assuming they all do. Modern farming methods mean fruits like that can THRIVE at the 44° line. And everyone at 44° loves to have dinner parties, don't they? Surely a two pack that earned 90 points from Burghound would be ideal for a 44° soiree!

So take it from us, the people who know how to type "44° latitude" into Google: this wine is almost certainly somehow connected to the 44° line. Unless you hear otherwise from the people at Roserock Vineyard. Then believe them over us. But until that happens, we're in control.