Expression 44° Pinot Noir Random (2)

by wootbot

Game Of Chance

Which 2007 Pinot Noir will you get? It's time to play the Super Exciting Random Chance Expression 44° Game!

Want to experience the thrill of being on a game show without going through the process of actually getting selected to be on one? You can take part in that excitement right here!

Test your luck when you add this Expression 44° Pinot Noir Randomly Selected 2-Pack to your cart. Will you get the earthy aromas and flavors of the Eola-Amity Hills 2007 Expression 44° Pinot Noir, the dense and deeply colored Zena 2007 Pinot Noir, or the regal combination of pure fruit and sous bois flavors of the Roserock Vineyard 2007 Pinot Noir?

Here's how you play the game: you add one of these 2-packs to your cart, then you order it, and then we'll send you two of these three bottles. Which one you'll get? It's a mystery! That's the game! Who needs a million dollar prize when you can get two randomly chosen bottles of wine!?