Expression 44° Pinot Noir (2)

by wootbot


Sometimes the beauty of the wine is so overwhelming, it's enough to drive a man insane.

:::sniffle::: :::snort::: :::sniff sniff:::

Chad, are you OK?

:::sniff::: uh … yeah. Yeah, Man. What's up?

Are you … are you CRYING?

What? Me? No! Of course not. I'm not :::sniffle::: :::snort::: OKAY, I AM! I can't help it!

Whoa, whoa. It's totally OK. What's wrong? Is there anything I can do?

What's wrong? WHAT'S WRONG?! THAT is what's wrong!

Uh … this wine over here? The Expression 44° Pinot Noir? What, is it… bad?

BAD? No no no. It's beautiful! It's the most beautiful thing I've ever tasted. Ripe and pure. Violet-tinged currants and blackberries. Concentrated yet supple. Earth. Briar. Spice. It's just… perfection. AHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :::sniffle sniffle::: :::SNORT:::

Are you… are you laughing now? That kinda sounded like a laugh. A maniacal one. Dude, I'm really getting worried about you.

No, it's cool. I'm OK. Let me just gather my composure for a second here and… OK, there. I feel much better now. Thanks.

OK good. So I'm just going to take this bottle of…


Cool. Cool. So yeah. I'm gonna just back away slowly now.