Emery Estate Unbridled Cabernet Sauvignon - 4 Pack

by Wootbot

If you love wine so much, why don’t you marry it?

I can stand it no longer 2007 Unbridled Cabernet Sauvignon! I must have thee! Now!

Yes, at first I was able to keep my lust for thee bridled, but those bridles have grown weaker and weaker and this very afternoon, while pondering sonnets to dedicate to thine honor in my growlery they snapped, broken forever, never again to be re-bridled!

I care not that thine grapes arrived at the winery at 55°, at which point they were treated to a three day cold-soak; my passions for thee run as hot as freshly-blown glass and thus I can wait no longer! No, not after 6-14 woeful months of your battonage, not after the 28 months of abysmal lonesomeness while you were in barrel, not after the 5-8 years of thine graceful aging turned my heart a tundra!

No, there is no more waiting for us! I will have at thee presently! I will indulge in your nose of roasted herbs, coffee, black cherries, and plums, 2007 Unbridled Cabernet Sauvignon! I will allow your wild berry, bittersweet chocolate, and earth tones on the palate to overtake me completely. No, my dear, blush not at the mildness of thine tannins; they only serve to make thee more approachable!

My lust for thee is unbridled, 2007 Unbridled Cabernet Sauvignon! And now I shall make thee my bride!

2007 Unbridled Cabernet Sauvignon

This fleshed out, fruit forward wine with a nose of roasted herbs, coffee, black cherries and plums is complimented by generous flavors of wild berry, bittersweet chocolate and earth tones on the palate. A bit of complexity with mild tannins makes this very approachable, friendly and easy to consume. A well-balanced wine of moderate length that pairs wonderfully with food and will age gracefully for 5-8 years.

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