El Tractor Argentinian Reds (6)

by wootbot

Inside the Tractor Studio

Get plowed Argentina-style!

"El Tractor" is the Spanish way to say "the tractor".

"El Tractor" is not pronounced the way the English word "tractor" is pronounced. Put the stress on the second syllable, and make the O rounder, and make the final-R sound with your tongue against the roof of your mouth, and you'll be close enough for an Anglo.

"El Tractor" is the label of these two Argentine reds.

"El Tractor" is not the name of the winery. That would be Bodega Villa Atuel.

"El Tractor" is both a strong, sturdy Cabernet Sauvignon and a young, complex Malbec.

"El Tractor" is not the name of a wrestler. At least not until we finish sewing this mask.