DuNah Tre Cuvee Chardonnay Vertical (4)

by wootbot

Bad Abbots


Chardonnay dates back to some French Cistercian monks hanging out during the 1300's. Armed with that knowledge, the forthcoming dialogue may become slightly amusing!


FRÈRE YANN: Frère Anatole, thank you. What a wonderful party.

FRÈRE DAVID: Yes, it was. I very much enjoyed the gruel and oats.

FRÈRE ANATOLE: Feel free to stay longer, if you like.

FRÈRE DAVID: I’m afraid we’d best not.

FRÈRE YANN: Indeed. It’s late, and I’ve got lots of flagellatin’ to do in the morning.

FRÈRE ANATOLE: Ah, yes. Pope Benedict’s Flagellatin’ Friday. Well, I won’t keep either of you.

FRÈRE DAVID: So, Frère Anatole, it looks like we didn’t quite get to that bottle of Chardonnay I brought over.

FRÈRE ANATOLE: Oh. Were you going to want that back, Frère David?

FRÈRE DAVID: Well … you didn’t open it, is all. I thought you were going to open it tonight, but you didn’t. That’s why I brought it over, is the thing.

FRÈRE ANATOLE: Oh. I thought it was a gift of gratitude for my hospitality.

FRÈRE DAVID: Oh. I, er. Of course I’m grateful for your hospitality, Frère Anatole.

FRÈRE ANATOLE: But the wine was not a gift to demonstrate as such. You only brought it because you thought we would be drinking it tonight?

FRÈRE DAVID: I brought it to share. You know. SHARING. Maybe you read about it in some stained glass …?

FRÈRE ANATOLE: Oh, that’s pretty low, Dave. I give a lot.

FRÈRE YANN: Maybe we should -

FRÈRE DAVID: What about the time I needed to borrow that bucket, and you weren’t using the bucket, but you still wouldn’t let me borrow the bucket?

FRÈRE ANATOLE: This is not the same as the bucket incident and you know it. Besides, you’re notoriously bad with buckets. Out in the garden you’re known as ‘Frère Bucket Breaker’ because you broke Frère Horace’s bucket.

FRÈRE DAVID: We sure do have a lot of buckets.

FRÈRE ANATOLE: We sure do.