Domaine Pouillon Washington White Blend (5)

by wootbot

Wine. Not A Lumberjack

We would like to take the moment to correct all misconceptions that this Domaine Pouillon Washington White Blend chopped down a cherry tree.

There have been several rumors going around lately, and we want to address them before they get to a point where they out of control.

It seems there's a growing concern that this wine, which we would like to reiterate is innocent, chopped down a cherry tree and then admitted to doing so. But that was George Washington, not this Domaine Poillon Washington White Blend.

We know, we know, both names have the word Washington in it, so yes, it's an easy mistake, but the Washington who chopped down the cherry tree was a general, first president and a founding father of the United States. This wine, on the other hand, has bursts of Anjou pears, minerals, and peach stone that accompany a long, creamy finish with distinct citrus notes.

Again, we see the similarities, and we understand how you could get confused, and who knows, maybe you didn't, maybe you knew all along, but again, we wanted to end these rumors before things got out of control.