Domaine Les Esperieres Cotes Du Rhone (3)

by wootbot

Comment vous le dites?

Fact: The more difficult the pronunciation, the tastier the wine.

Hi! Welcome to the party! I'm so glad you could make it. Let me show you around. We've got food over here. Barbara made some of her famous cracker patties, and she made a lot, so eat up! I'll be grilling steaks, though, so don't lose your appetite!

Now over here we've got drinks. Plenty of beer to choose from, and for wine, oh, have we got a treat. We've got, ummm, ermmm, this wine. Yeah, you know, see, the, uh, Domaine Les Es.... es... you know, this! Actually, it says what it is on the label, so here, why don't you just take a look for yourself. Looks good, doesn't it? I hear it's got grin-atch-ay.

What? You forgot your glasses so you can't read what it says? Well, that's not really important. It is? Okay, well, again, it's the Domaine Les wine! Okay, there you go. That's all there is. What? Come again? Oh, you can tell there are more words there? Okay, well, yes, in fact it looks like you are correct. It seems to say, Coats Du R...ra...hone? Yep. There you go. Domaine Les, uh, Coats du Rhone. Alright. Oh, look over there -- hors d'oeuvres are ready!